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29 Settembre 2016


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Working in IT world, i’m obviously not surprised that everything related it evolves everyday and everyday faster.
As well i’m not surprised at all everytime i see a silly (if not even dumb) product became famous and encouter the “big crowd” favour.
Because of my job (that’s luckly also my passion…after good food), I should stay on top of any relevant news, but really: it’s so easy to feel satisfied on what we currently use (with success, of course), that so often happens to not realize what really good is just born around.
In opensource I trust, then GitHub is one of my best friend (after google search 😀 ) and everytime i have a look on it, I discover some great product.
Today I found AppImageKit, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and also that someone of You will be interested in be part of its development.

GitHub project page:
Project web page:

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